Hugot — 5 Hugots From Gerry’s Grill Ad That Will Surely Catch Your Heart

Here are the 5 hugots from Gerry's Grill Ad that will surely catch your heart. 1 min

Have you ever experience “Love at First Sight”? Then you’re always going back to the places where you first saw him/her? It’s really hard to forget that person whom you fall in love with especially when you expect that you both can be together. But remember that things and chances will fall into it’s places in the right time, so you should not be worried. Gerry’s Grill just released Ads about Love starring Kylie Versoza and CJ Reyes. Here are the 5 hugots from Gerry’s Grill Ad that will surely catch your heart.

#1 Mangaagaw ng puso si bes

#2 Parang toyo at suka lang

#3 Dahil sanay ka na

#4 Sanay ka naman kasi diba

#5 Naghahalo-halo talaga ang feelings pag tinamaan ka na

#6 Pag nakilala mo na grab mo na agad wag kang torpe

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